First Presbyterian Church’s annual Hope Village market is being held in the Activities Building of the church at 16 Leon Sullivan Way. Hope Village sells goods that are created by international artisans who earn a fair wage for their creations.

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Wildfires that burned through a total of 3,450 acres of forest this month on West Virginia woodlands managed by the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service were all listed as 100% contained as of Monday, while widespread rainfall on Tuesday helped douse lingering embers.

Owner Kerry "Paco" Ellison is reopening The Dairy Winkle for a day to continue his annual free Thanksgiving dinner, 316 days after a fire destroyed the restaurant. The Dairy Winkle will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for free from noon to 6 p.m. For those who cannot dine in, me…

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HUNTINGTON — A local judge sided with the Cabell County Public Library and the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District in their case against the Cabell County Board of Education, stating the board will be ordered to include the library and parks on its next excess levy order.

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The West Virginia agency managing health insurance for government employees is facing pushback over proposed premium increases. The West Virginia Public Health Insurance Agency is proposing a premium hike that would amount to a 35% increase in two years for state workers. The proposal comes five years after public school employees went on strike over rising health care costs. With the state insurance agency facing a $376 million budget deficit earlier this year, state lawmakers raised premiums for state employees by just under 25% this fiscal year. Under next year's proposal, premiums would increase an additional 10.5%. The Public Employees Insurance Agency finance board is expected to vote on the plan in December.

Throughout their reign, the GOP legislative supermajority has treated public school and public employees as adversaries, perhaps because they are the literal personification of the party’s failure to achieve a core goal of drastically shrinking the size of government and government services.

The Capital City Art & Craft Show is back at the Convention Center for its 54th year. Artisans with many different skills are on display this weekend. The Kanawha City Lions Club uses the proceeds from the event to help the local community.

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“My mom’s always been in active addiction. Always. My dad’s never really been a part of my life. I’ve always had stepdads, like, in and out of the picture. Abusive toward her, abusive towards us. I guess I just kind of felt bad for her.

Illustrated new series explores life after addiction in West Virginia. The Gazette Mail spent weeks following men in a sober living house in , WV as they struggle to overcome their addictions. In the coming weeks we will follow their paths--some will relapse while others remain sober.